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Tom East's 

This is an extensive and varied website with, I hope, a difference. It includes not only details of Tom East's writings, publications, and FREE offers like BENYBOOKS. There is much other content.  


Most of the non-literary pieces will be found in OTHERNESS. For details of publications, click the book cover illustration below. For everything else, click the section heading beneath these.

The Greenland Party - a 'whodunit'. Click for details
Why is The Gospel According to St Judas controversial?
The Lowell Letters. Why do these 19th Century documents matter now?
Tommy's War: July 1914 - could WW1 really have been stopped by Tommy Green?
A Fifties Childhood - a non-fiction book about growing up in postwar Britain
The new, third edition of THE EVE OF ST ELIGIUS is coming on 21 Sept, 2023. It will be briefly available in ebook at a discounted price.
TOM EAST doesn't  write about thatthat sort of season. Nor that sort of poetry.
Why Write Haiku by Tom East is NOT only about poetry. FREE ebook for 5 days from 9th October, 2023.
The KA of Srephen Charles - this Eldritch novel was published in July. 2023
THE CHARGE of the LIGHT VERSE BRIGADE by Tom East. Guess what this one is about?
Lightning Strikes Twice is Tom East's unsparing account of life after two brain haemorhages.
Wish Man's Wood is the second of Tom East's Eldritch collections. What is ELDRITCH?
Tom East's Lyrics, Polemics & Politics - Poetry & song lyrics with a difference.

Last Updated
13th July 2024

Please note that most of the material  on the Benybont website is in my copyright or that of the named writers, artists and musicians. It should not be used for other purposes or in other formats without approval. If you wish I can put you in touch with most of the other copyright holders if you send me an e-mail  at

There are THREE new additions to the  Pinko Prose   part of the website this month. Want  a free ebook? There  fourth FREE Benybook  ASK FATHER appeared on 13th July, 2024See more on WHAT'S NEW AS AS AT July 2024.

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