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The Greenland Party - a 'whodunit' by Tom East
The Gospel According to St Judas
Tommy's War: July 1914 - an out of the ordinary look at WWI
The Eve of the Festival of St Eligius
Wish Man's Wood is the second Eldritch collection by Tom East
Dimension Five is speculative fiction
Scenes from Seasons - but not sort of season
Lyrics, Polemics & Politics - Poetry & song lyrics with a difference

      This site has been reconstructed from its previous incarnation as It's a large site, including not only 'samples' of my own writing, but guest writers, visual artists and musicians plus TRIOLET, a section on free and formal verse and much more. To help you find your bearings, you may wish to look at the SITE MAP. This also includes a search engine if you're looking for something specific.

Please note that most of the material that is or will be on this website is in my copyright or that of the named writers and artists and should not be used for other purposes. If you wish I can put you in touch with most of the others if you send me an e-mail.

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The latest NEW addition, as at  29th NOVEMBER 2019, is about the availabilty of the second volume in the ELDRITCH series, WISH MAN's WOOD. To complement this a new edition of THE EVE OF ST ELIGIUS appeared at the beginning of the month. Meanwhile the ELDRITCH BLOG. is developing well. See WHAT'S NEW.