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Scenes from Seasons: No mellow fruitfulness or daffodils in this poetry collection

978-1-9164942-8-2 Paperback

978-1-9164942-7-5 Ebook

You won’t find any hosts

of golden daffodils here.

This is not the place to look

for mellow fruitfulness.


The ‘seasons’ in this poetry

collection are of such things

as war graves and madness.

The Charge of the Light Verse Brigade

978-1-9161198-2-6 paperback

978-1-9161198-1-9 E-book

‘Light verse’ suggests frivolity. You would indeed have to search hard to find deep meaning in, for example, the title poem and 2002: A Space Fantasy.

Some, however, like Zing-Zor, Glorious War do contain a more serious message, although conveyed in a light way.

Lyrics, Polemics and Poetics

978-1-9161198-6-4 Paperback

978-1-9161198-5-7 Ebook

A collection of poetry with a difference. As the title suggests, the first pages are taken up by original song lyrics.

May I add that there's no such thing as 'American as apple pie'.  Various forms of apple pie were made in Europe centuries before Columbus was born. There's no truth in the rumour that Erik the Red, Native Americans, or Madoc, were fans of apple pie.


Links to some of the songs in performance (by others) are also given. Many (though by no means all) of the ‘straight’ poems have a distinct edge to them.

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