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BENYBOOKS is new development, started 0n 1st April, 2024. It consists of short collections of prose, intended for quick but thought-provoking reading on, for example, train journeys.


Contents are published only in electronic form and, while the eBooks are in publication, will be freely available from KOBO and at bargain basement prices at Amazon UK, Amazon USA, and elsewhere. They will consist of one main piece, supported by two or three others. None of the content of BENYBOOKS will be available in any other form, electronic or otherwise.

The series launches with CHECKPOINT   (see below). A second volume, THE LAKE, will follow later this month. More will follow shortly afterwards.


For Tom East’s more traditional, full-length writing (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry), see the front page of BENYBONT.ORG



Checkpoint is a collection of speculative fiction, made up by four stories. Three of them were originally published in  magazines, and later collected in a volume of the same title. This was published by the European Institute in 2006, and is now out of print. The other, Dimension Five, was originally the title story in a collection no longer available in print or eBook form The four stories are:

The  title story, Checkpoint, is a speculation on one of the major events of world history. What if events in World War 2 and its preceding and subsequent years had been slightly different and ‘The Wall’ had been built in Paris rather than Berlin? It tells the story of the escape through the checkpoint by a Briton and a Frenchman, with  aid from an unexpected quarter.

Dimension Five is an unashamed tribute to that pioneer of speculative fiction, HG Wells. It stems from his first novel, The Time Machine, published in 1895. What is the fifth dimension and how can we travel in it?

New Eden is a short, tongue-in-cheek, take on the Adam and Eve SF cliché.

The Star of Birmingham is fiction based on actual astronomy lectures, popular even now during the festive season.

BENYBOOKS from Tom East are here.
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