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The Greenland Party

The Greenland Party - a whodunit by Tom East

ISBN  978-1-9164942-4-4 [Paperback]

ISBN  978-1-9164942-3-7 [E-Book]

    The Greenland Party is a whodunit with an unusual setting (Arctic Noir?), and strange motives for the murder at its centre. 

    Who killed Essie Smith? Her body is discovered by Harry Lanier, out walking with Lars Erikssen, a tour guide and part-time policeman. This starts a train of events that turns a dream holiday into a nightmare for Harry.


    Vatsaaq, in remote East Greenland, is cut-off by the weather and Lars undertakes the preliminary investigation, assisted by Harry. Initially, signs point to a local man. Soon things take on a different light. Harry’s own memory of the crucial time is lost in an alcoholic blur. Is he in the clear himself?   

   From 31st January, 2024, and for a few days only, the Kindle version if this book will be available FREE. Click HERE for details.

Tom East: The Greenland Party
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