The World of Eldritch

The Eve of St Eligius: The first ELDRITCH COLLECTION by Tom East
Wish Man's Wood - The Second ELDRITCH COLLECTION by Tom East

The Eve of St Eligius:

ISBN 978-1-9164942-0-6  [E-book] - first edition.

ISBN 978-1-9161198-7-1  [Paperback] - second edition

Wish Man's Wood:

ISBN 978-1-9162973-1-9 [Paperback]

ISBN 978-1-9162973-0-2 [E-book]

The second in the of series of ELDRITCH TALES by Tom East, WISH MAN'S WOOD, is now available.


To complment this, a new edition of the first in the series , THE EVE OF ST ELIGIUS, was released at the beginning of November. Words like ‘Gothic’, ‘Ghost’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Horror’ are sometimes used to describe these tales but not all fit easily into these categories.


They are sometimes also loosely described as ‘dark stories’. Some, are indeed unremittingly dark. In others, light filters down strongly. The stories in both volumes vary greatly as to time, place and length.


One of those best received in the first volume in the series was THE FIRST AND LAST LETTER . This (which was used as part of the libretto of an opera produced in Illinois in 2018) is based on actual events in The Smalls Lighthouse off the Pembrokeshire coast at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 

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