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The Ka


Ancient Egyptian Beliefs

The Ancient Egyptians believed that a number of parts made up the human soul. These were:

  • The Khet or physical essence (the belief in this led to the practice of mummification.

  • The Sah or spiritual body.

  • The Ren or the personal name.

  • The Ba or the individual personality

  • The Ka or life force. This is the essential difference between the living and the dead.

  • The Ib or the heart (the heart was regarded as a special part of the body).

  • The Shut or silhouette (always present, although only visible as a shadow in light).

  • The Sekhem or the form (the life force of the soul itself).

  • The Akh or the intellect (pure intellect rather than the human mind).


If the Ka was strong enough to survive the physical death of the body, it would be the next best thing to everlasting life, wouldn’t it? This happened to THE KA Of STEPHEN CHARLES. Did he experience everlasting life? Or an everlasting nightmare?

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