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on Tom East's BENYBONT Site as at November, 2019?

The second volume in the Eldritch Collections, WISH MAN'S WOOD is now available. At the beginning of the month, a new edition of THE EVE OF ST ELIGIUS was published to complement this. Meanwhile, the new TOM EAST's ELDRITCH BLOG is developing well. There is a number of contributors to this and anyone can comment (moderated) on what has been said.

LYRICS, POLEMICS & POETICS, published on 7th October, 2019 is a book of poetry with a difference. It comprises song lyrics and poetry, some of which has an edginess to it. You can hear performances of some of the songs by clicking HERE.

DIMENSION FIVE includes a novella of 38,000 words, The Lowell Letters. What if the late 19th/early 20th century astronomer had been right about the Planet Mars and the truth had been hushed up since his time by a worldwide Conspiracy? The associated section of the website includes a short essay What is Speculative Fiction? You may not agree with what I have to say.

This is a collection of poetry. You can probably guess what the theme is.

Judas is hardly mentioned in the Bible. There are even two versions of his death. Essentially, he is a cipher for all things bad rather than a person.

But what if his real role was altogether more significant? What if he was nothing less than the writer of the earliest gospel? And what if fragments of the manuscript were found in what is now Iraq, on the eve of the Western invasion in 2003?

You won’t find any hosts of golden daffodils in this collection - full title SCENES FROM SEASONS (but not that sort of season). This is not the place to look for mellow fruitfulness. The ‘seasons’ here are of such things as war graves and madness.

Tommy's War: July, 1914, has many strands. Some may see it as primarily a speculative fiction story, others as a romance across the rigid social divisions of the early Twentieth Century. Still others will see it as a family story crossing the generations or as a historical novel (characters include real people as diverse as Queen Victoria and Charlie Chaplin). It can be read as an adventure story. In fact, it is all of those things. Like The Greenland Party, this has a separate part of the website devoted to it. This is extensive and includes a number of features not directly connected with the novel, like an eclectic selection of war poetryThe volume is available as both a paperback and an e-book.