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Tired Teresa May - The Maygull
The Efficiency Myth
Foxhunting: how to upset the pros and the antis
John Major's train set from Brixton
Local Government Reorganisation in Wales
Prophets of Mammon
Stop the Clock - I Want to go Back

Want to know the truth about the Brexit madness that struck us a few years ago? Well, this is an only slightly overhyped version of it. It was written BEFORE we had the two worst Prime Ministers we've ever had.

A different and radical view of our misuse of the word EFFICICIENCY. Several years ago I sent it to a right-wing magazine, The Spectator. The deputy editor liked it and was going to 'put it up to Boris'. Bozo was the titular editor at the time, before his personal ambition took him to greater things, to all of our costs. Bozo must have hated it.

This one is guaranteed to offend both the pro-hunt lobby (find your own rhyme) and the hunt saboteurs. I wouldn't click it if I were you.

Do you wonder why we pay exorbitant fares to travel on  overcrowded and unpredictable trains?  No, it wasn't because of Thatcher's destructive tendencies, but what happened in the childhood of an embarrassing footnote to the Witch-Queen by the name of John Major Balls-up.

This one is beyond a joke so I won't even try.

A nostalgic(?) look back to the glory days of management consultants. 

Not by me, but a spirited reply to my THE EFFICIENCY MYTH

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