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The Eve   of St Eligius

who WAS Saint Eligius?

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In truth, most people don't care very much. They might be more interested to know that the eBook version of THE EVE OF St ELIGIUS, the first volume in THE ELDRITCH COLLECTIONS,  is avaiable FREE for five days after the Saint's day in 2023, that is 2nd - 6th December, 2023. Click HERE for details. 

  Eligius was a relatively minor saint who was born in the late sixth century (588-660), in Aquitaine, now modern France - he is known by the name of ELOI in that country. He was originally a goldsmith, and became the patron saint of goldsmiths.

  He is also the patron saint of goldsmiths, metalworkers, coin collectors, and veterinarians. Later, he became (after carrying out a miraculous cure of one's foreleg,) the patron saint of horses. Now the patron saint of a corps of the British Army, REME.  Today, he is probably best remembered for this, and for the TV series 'St Elsewhere' - set in the fictional hosptal of St Eligius. He is though, still revered as a saint in Flanders. 

Benybont: Who was St Eligious
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