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The World of Eldritch

Summary of Content of the Eldritch Collections

The Eve of St Eligius

Guardian: Two young men, one now old and full of guilt, find something deadly.

Ellyllon: Elf-daughter pines for her people.

The First and Last Letter: Retelling of the early 19c incident that gave rise to the Trinity House policy of manning lighthouses by three instead of two keepers.

Yellow Eyes: An incident in the Republic of Moldova changes a life.

Memento: A haunting centred on an ashtray.

Before the Kettle Boils: The effect of a 300-year-old legend on a modern life.

Clairvoyant: Being able to foretell the future can be a curse as well as a gift.

Proof Positive: The Mynydd Illtud ghost, caught on camera.

The Eve of St Eligius: A lifelong obsession with an early 18c burial.

Waxlow and Lilac: A telephone box links to past and present lives.

Pumlumon: A hill-walker is caught in a deadly storm.

Carnival Street: A ghostly encounter in Liverpool Docks

The Contract of One Thousand: The story of a life between 1820 and 2020.

Myfanwy: Hearing a recording of the old song and to what this leads. 

Causeway of the Legion: Meeting a Roman soldier in the 21st Century.

Dream Honeymoon: A honeymoon turns into a nightmare.

Reconstruction: If you try to go back you might learn more about yourself than you could have imagined.

The Sleep-Vampire: Supernatural insomnia.

Not Quite Paradise: Being in two worlds at the same time.

Mercenary: Set in a fictional near future civil war Britain, the mercenary of the title makes an appointment he wishes he hadn’t.

Soldat: The hard life of Hans Müller in Der Oderbruch.

The Crystal Spirit: Pre-dawn Winter Solstice meetings on the north-eastern coast of England. 

Wish Man's Wood

Orang Makan: What is everyone getting so excited about on Malaysia's East Coast?

Safety First: Is a modern car the bargain that it seems to be?

Piper: Following the piper - to where, exactly?

Strawberry Hill: A ghost in a 21st century London suburb?

Wish Man’s Wood: The hooded monk of Berrynarbor, on the North Devon coast.

Tinkinswood: Yarva returns 6,000 years after a monument has been erected for her worship, to find that the world has changed.

Defilement: Mid 19c attitudes of the worst kind.

The Edinburgh Escapologist: Who really is 'Ewart Ensign'?

Mat of the Iron Hand: Mat seeks his revenge.

Gangbang: Time and lives are reshaped in suburban London.

The Serendipity Algorithm: Is it possible to predict future probability? Only with 96% accuracy and then only with help from a dubious source.

Tolman the Dreamer: Tolman's life is changed by the Djinn of the Lamp.

Bopa’s Rope: Bopa and his rope tricks.

Fighter: A lost soul in more ways than one.

Lizard on the Wall: A company auditor finds more than romance under the light of New Capricorn's twin blue moons.

High Tatras: What unknowns do the peaks between Poland and Slovakia hold?

Fertile Ground: A 17th century curse and its impact in the 21st century.

Mari Lwyd: Is an old New Year tradition harmless?

Light: Is light the curse of amateur astronomy?

Doom Way: Walking across The Wash in East Anglia.

Silvermalkin: A meal with fine wine may not be all it seems.

Jinty: What came instead of the bus Jinty was expecting.

The Ka of Stephen Charles

This is a novel. Click HERE for details.

Content of the Eldritch Collections
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