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The Gospel According to  St Judas


There are two distinct narrative voices in this 242-page novel. One, in the first person, tells the story of Judas from troubled boyhood to dotage in what is now Iraq. The other is a series of essays from Dr Murray Watkyns, a biblical scholar and finder of the 'Judas Texts'. The individual chapters are:

The Story of Judas[1]                                                       

In Defence of Populism                                                    

The Story of Judas [II]                                                      

The Search for the Manuscripts                                      

The Story of Judas [III]                                                    

Was Judas a Saint?                                                             

The Story of Judas [IV]                                                    

Who was Judas?                                                                  

The Story of Judas [V]                                                      

The Baptist of Wadi Qu’mran                                         

The Story of Judas [VI]                                                    

The Story of Judas [VII]                                                   

The Story of Judas [VIII]                                                 

The Judas Texts as a Source for the Canons

The Story of Judas [IX]                                                    

Follower of Miracles?                                                        

The Story of Judas [X]                                                      

The Authenticity of the Manuscripts                             

The Story of Judas [XI]                                                    

The Story of Judas [XII]                                                   

The Story of Judas [XIII]                                                 

The Story of Judas [XIV]                                                 

Healer of the Sick?                                                             

The Story of Judas XV                                                      

The Opponents of Judas                                                   

The Story of Judas XVI                                                     

New Testament Politics                                                   

The Story of Judas XVII                                                   

The Story of Judas XVIII                                                 

Enemy of the State                                                             

The Story of Judas XIX                                                     

Whither Judas?                                                                   

The Story of Judas XX                                                      

The Mystery of the Empty Tomb                                   

The Story of Judas XXI                                                     

Was Judas a Christian?                                                      

The Story of Judas XXII

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