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Dimension Five


Dimension Five is a book of Speculative Fiction, also called Science Fiction, SF and some other things. It comprises a 38,000 word novella, The Lowell Letters, supported by 16 short stories varying in length between 500 words and 6,000 words.

A complete list of the contents is:

Dimension Five: What if it were possible to travel in the fifth dimension? What IS the fifth dimension?

Checkpoint Joe: What if "The Wall", the symbol of a divided Europe, was built in Paris, not Berlin, and by the Americans, not the Russians?

New Eden: What if "Adam and Eve", given a fresh chance to start a new world, came up against a problem Eve had not reckoned with?

The Lowell Letters: What if Percival Lowell had been right about Mars at the end of the nineteenth century and the truth had been hushed up by a worldwide conspiracy?

Ask Father: What if progress in the world had been brought to a halt by a an over-dependency on machines and what might kick-start it again?

Foreign Correspondent: What if colonial history had been different and Europe was "The Dark Continent"?

Seed Bearer: What if the source of Indo-European language and civilisation was the 21st Century?

Nandy: What if Homo Sapiens Neanderthalis was the more advanced civilisation and had been wiped out by modern man?

The Star of Birmingham: What if the Biblical Nativity Star made another appearance in an unexpected place?

Verisex Ltd: What if real experience had been replaced by computer-generated experience?

Spawning Ground: What if a football match caused the end of the world?


Save the Rainforests: What if animate life were an aberration?

Champion of the World: What if a washed-up fighter took part in the first interplanetary boxing match and discovered something alarming about his opponent?

Zaryk to Jo-Crow: What if a happy pornographer made chance online contact with a member of an alien species?

Sylvia: What if a super-strong amorous robot had her advances rejected?


Serpent of the Nile: What if Cleopatra was not the beauty of Egypt whose story has come down to us?

Junior Engineer: What if St Paul's "Damascus Moment" was caused by interplanetary intervention and what if the second intervention was handled by a less competent engineer?

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