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Don Thomas says : It's not bad in it's way

Other comments: I just stumbled on your "French Connection" piece while trying to learn more about my ethnicity. My father's parents were both born in South Wales. Two of my Thomas cousins and I had DNA tests, and I was surprised to see a 22% connection to Ireland and a trace connection to the Iberian Peninsula. Your article and one about the migration of the Irish to Wales helped explain this to me. Thanks

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Smithe421 says : I don't like it.

Other comments: I would definitely not recommend these as ways to break the ice however..

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Johnd238 says : It.

Other comments: Really appreciate you sharing this post. Thanks Again. Really Great.

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Johnf538 says : It.

Other comments: Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is great, as well as the content!


The old guest book existed in a 'headless' state until 2012, ie, it didn't connect to anything. Every so often I used to cull the headless chickens that were running around in it. it's a sport I can't indulge in these days. Entries to the archived [Pre-SPAM] Guest Book were:



11/10/05 @ 07:25:58 A.M.
Name: Raymond Fenech
Thought.... To Matias Serra Bradford - Hello Mat, I don't know if you remember me, a poet from the island of Malta. You had published my poem, "Tomorrowland" and translated it for me in La Carta de Oliver.. do you remember?

10/20/05 @ 5:07:43 P.M.
Name: Dennis T Baker
Thought: the limits of your vision are the boundaries of your world.

10/11/05 @ 3:51:11 P.M.
Name: pedigrog
Thought: Ahem! Not "no equivalent of syllable in japanese," but extremely variable English syllables. Search "syllabet," in either Fly-ku! or Rise, Ye Sea Slugs! at Amazon or Google bks-in-print to gain a deeper understanding of what is what.

8/23/05 @ 06:57:52 A.M.
Name: Joan
Thought: Exellent work webmaster ! You are realy profesional. Visit my site and see my job

8/6/05 @ 06:35:13 A.M.
Name: nanette iamandi
Thought: Would I be able to get Petru Iamandi's email address? I'd like to know how I could get his books. I'm from Australia. Thanks

6/29/05 @ 6:22:24 P.M.
Name: anna brown
Thought: Hi Raymond, Four members of the Rhondda W C. did a recording for the programme you mentioned on Tuesday. It should have been at 12.00 noon but it didn't take place until 4.30pm.

4/21/05 @ 12:13:06 P.M.
Name: Bruce Holland Rogers
Thought: Greetings, Raymond Humphreys! Petru Iamandi pointed out your site and said that I should have a look at it. I thought you might be interested in my site as well:
All best wishes,
Bruce H R

4/7/05 @ 06:57

Name: Theo
Thought: i like the poem siged up by aurel stancu from romania. it is absolutely fabulos. i had the orpotunuty to read all his books, so I have a good impresion abouit him. good for you that you published his in your country.


2/23/05 @ 1:46:42 P.M.
Name: Sheila Barry
Thought: Please send contact details for Gwyneth Hughes

5/04 @ 10:43:40 A.M.
Name: Shen Shu Ping
Thought: Ni Hao:
Hen gaoxing wo kanle ni xiede zhongguo gudai shiren LiBai de jieshao,henduo de difang xiede hen hao.zhishi youde difang you yidiande cuowu.biru:zhai zaizhongwen pinyin shi keyi xiugai yixia. keyi qu "internet"kan
zhongwen.wo xiwang hui kan geng haode zhongwenshu

1/15/04 @ 06:02:12 A.M.
Name: Paul
Thought: A cracking site Raymond. This is what the internet is all about, sharing of information.

8/20/04 @ 03:38:42 A.M.
Name: jr
Thought: cool site

8/12/04 @ 7:07:46 P.M.
Name: Deanna Rivers
Thought: our Web site is not only attractive visually, but it also provides good information: thanks for the service! Check out my Web site and tell me what you think:

7/5/04 @ 5:09:23 P.M.
Name: Edmund
Thought: Hmm, you have a website? That`s not so special Dad (interesting though it is). One of my students here in Japan has a website and he`s only 8 years old

7/5/04 @ 5:06:53 P.M.
Name: Kim
Thought.... : I love the changes to your site, and wanted to assure you that your name is now properly represented on Moth Magazine's links page... I'd prefer to be in the half of the population that CAN spell your name!

Name :   joe

Thought.... :   if the flight recorder in a plane always survives, then why not build the whole plane out of the same material as the flight recorder?


Name :   Hazel Cushion

Thought.... :   Hi - just wanted to say a quick thank you for the article in Pembrokeshire Life. I have already had several lovely comments and it was lovely to see the book given a big plug! Many thanks, Hazel


Name :   pat

E-mail :   Margaret.Forster 1@tesco .net

Thought.... :   Ic an feel a poem coming on. After the thought came to me so many dots make a face great Photography tho. See you Sat. Regards Pat


Name :   Huw   

Thought.... :   OK, Ray, I give up. Which bit of the site was amended today?


Name :   Erica

E-mail :   you know who i am

Thought.... :   Well, I waited long enough for the cheque, but it seems to be lost in the post... anyway, endless praise for the site. It really is one of the best writers websites I've ever seen, and probably the only one that I ve wanted to read past the second page, nev


Name :   Anna Brown, Treorchy

Thought.... :   Hi, Raymond. Like the web page. Its the first time I have been able to access it. Best Regards, Anna


Name :   glo

Thought.... :   Awesome!! Great summary of your work and sharing others with links. Keep writing you are appreciated.


Name :   Allan Underhill

Thought.... :   This is very good, did you set it up?


Name :   Wanda

Thought.... :   Envy u - i went to a course 2 motnhs ago to learn how to use Frontpage 2002. Just wish i have the time to design my personal website!


Name :   Alan

Thought.... :   A clearly laid out web site using the minimum of words to convey the maximum of information. - see web site


Name :   Teresa

Thought.... :   The pen is definitely mightier than the sword!!!!!!!!!!


Name :   Carole Ann

Thought.... :   No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings. (William Blake)

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