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The Form; Not the Section

A French Form

     This must be the simplest of the French forms, and therefore makes a good introduction to formal poetry. It uses only two rhymes in its eight lines, and does not have a fixed metre. The first two lines are used again as the last two lines and the first line also re-appears as the fourth. Showing the repeated lines in capitals, the rhyme scheme used in ABaAabAB.

     This is an example of my own:

Pavement Triolet

                         'Spare some change please,'
                   you sing your desolate song
                         on grey pavements like these.
                         'Spare some change please.'
                         Purple and yellow hair quarrel with the grease
                   and rain of your pavement home, shared with the throng.
                         'Spare some change please,'
                   you sing your desolate song.

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