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Ian Jebbett

    These are three photographs produced by Ian

Ian Jebbett: Joker


Ian says that this was a fun picture. He got on very well with the sitter. After the main shots in the session were taken, he kept on shooting while photographer and subject chatted. He says that it is nearly always the case that the best shots are taken when the sitter relaxes after the formal session.

Ian Jebbett: The Roaches

The Roaches

'The Roaches' is a wild and wooly area just outside Leek, Staffordshire. On the day that the photograph was taken it lived up to its reputation. The hill farmers eeking out a living on the exposed hills may be used to the bleak conditions, but the high winds in below zero temperatures froze Ian's bare fingers instantly while I shot this barren landscape

Ian Jebbett: Terra


Ian tells us that this image is a combination of the foreground in a rocky seashore which had a bland sky, and the sunset from his garden. He removed the sky from the rocky shore image and placed the rocks and pool as a layer above the sunset background. The clouds were given perspective to match the foreground and the colour of the water adjusted. 'Levels' was used to tweak the whole image and the base darkened to keep the water and clouds as the main point of interest.

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