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Mick Paynter


Mick Paynter: Skogynn Priv

Kolonn San Hwath (Another Sacred Heart) gans Mick Paynter (Skogynn Pryv).

Kolonn Sans Hwaith - Skogynn Priv
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rag an Artydh Skows Brian O'Toole

Avel delinyans an gevrenn ynter ilow ha bardonieth (heb vos onen kompes), otomma Kolonn Sans Hwath gans Mick Paynter.

A-ves dhe'n kesworrans ilewek gans Mel 3, gwra assaya dhe glywes orth sonyow unn yeth ha ny yll hi honvedhes brassa rann an vysytoryon dhe'n wiasva.

Yn Sowsnek

As an illustration of the link between music and poetry (not a direct one), here is Another Sacred Heart by Mick Paynter.


Apart from the accompaniment provided by Mel 3, try listening to the sounds of a language that most visitors to the site won't be able to understand.

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