Phil Knight

Phil Knight, Performance Poet

Poets for Sale

Welsh Bard

     The Tudor interior dates to the fifteenth century
     but the outer shell is the work of the nineteenth.
     Thanks to a grant from the Welsh Assembly
     there has been much recent development,
     however, his historic character is unaffected.
     A property with charm and heritage appeal.

     Post-Modernist Poet

     This property is airy, white and spacious.
     Situated in the Academic Heights he looks down
     on all the other properties in the vicinity.
     Equipped with all the latest technical devices,
     this property is a great investment
     for anyone wishing to take advantage
     of government incentives and Green taxes breaks.

     Archaic Rhymester

     Frowned upon by many modern critics
     this property still has mass appeal
     thanks to his traditional structure
     and classical old world style.
     Some work may be necessary if you wish
     to make a conversion. A good fixer-upper.

     Experimental Poet

     The basic construction is concrete and glass,
     in fact there is such a large amount of glass
     it is possible to see through the property
     with a trained eye.
     He has been completely sound-proofed,
     but our legal department must advise you
     that vacant possession may be a problem.

     Performance Poet

     A real down-market bargain,
     ideal for the first-time buyer.
     He is always accessible
     and access is from the ground floor.
     Affordable for anyone who wishes to take
     their first step on the poetry ladder.