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By Tim Richards

(from Issue 18)

       It wasn’t the earthquake that caused the problem as the reactors shut was

       Only the loss of electricity to circulate the cooling water that was the problem.
       Only, normally it would not have mattered as we have back-up generators,
       Only the Tsunami flooded them but we still had batteries but they
       Only lasted a day before they ran out and the reactors overheated,
       Only we had to vent some radioactive steam to stop an explosion, and it was
       Only a hydrogen explosion in reactor No.1, well, reactors 2 and 3 as well, but they
       Only blew out a bit of the roof and the containers didn’t break,
       Only they did start to melt down but not all the way. It was not a problem as we
       Only had to hose them with seawater to keep the temperatures down and
       Only a small amount of radioactive water flowed into the ground and
       Only a little radioactivity was spread around in the local area. The evacuation zone was
       Only 10km at the start and it only became 20-30kms later and
       Only some radioactivity escaped further so we
       Only needed to evacuate 200,000 people.
       Only the anti-nuclear people made it sound worse as they are the
       Only people campaigning to stop us building more but
       Only 4,600 have died from the Chernobyl disaster as the regulators
       Only count the levels of radioactivity released in doses so
       Only some of the cancers could be blamed on that, as we
       Only use the official estimates, not the actual number of cancer deaths.
       Only we have all the knowledge so you can
       Only trust us for the truth about nuclear power - it’s the official story.
       Do you?  

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