Wendy A. Nottingham

Peter Thabit Jones standing by a stained glass window in St. Thomas School, Swansea. The window is the work of the artist Catrin Jones. It features the poem ‘Kilvey Hill' by Peter. This is etched on the glass and can be read from both sides of the artwork



Prince Madoc, I thrill at the very sound

Of your name, ancient voyager to lands.

Did your heart beat fast when touching the sands

Of territories that by chance you’d found?

What were your thoughts when first you left the ground

Where stood your home, the ancient motherlands,

Your eyes set firmly on the alien strands

On the horizon? Did your temples pound?

Your brothers fought to retain tight control

Of Wales, against a thieving English king.

Was Columbus furious and did he belch

When, landing in America, his goal,

Found your legacy, through branches peeking

And heard brave painted natives speaking Welsh?