Bryn Fortey

Bryn Fortey, poet, on the Benybont website


(Gateway to Wales)

Previously in THE JOURNAL


                                     Antelopes gaze in Tredegar Park
                                     Edgy, wary
                                     Hyenas scamper riverside walks
                                     Laughing at 'The Wave'

                                     Hyenas understand conceptual sculpture
                                     No better than other
                                     Newport residents

                                     Trumpeting total indifference
                                     To local by-laws

                                     Elephants ignore all
                                     Weight and parking restrictions
                                     While hippos in Maindee Baths
                                     Cast a baleful eye on swimmers
                                     who float too near

                                     Chimpanzees have invaded
                                     The Civic Centre
                                     Alpha Males lording it
                                     in Council chambers

                                     As red and green parrots
                                     Perch on high buildings
                                     To defecate on the streets
                                     Of Newport City
                                     (Gateway to Wales)