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Interactive Caption

Interactive? Well, that might be claiming a bit too much for it, but once upon a time (before the spammers decended in hordes) you got a chance to add a witticism of your own. The picture of Bonnie Prince Charlie and Queen Camilla only attracted the attentions of ONE respondent in eight months so I promoted everybody's friend DUBYA from the static captions page to this one. There were more celebrations of the worst diplomat to come from the Lone Star state since Tex Ritter on his very own page. This will shortly be reconstituted.

Dubya - remember him?

Original Caption:

"An' so I gets hold of this Saddam Whatisname

"An' I says you gonna gimme that oil, Buster?

"An then - WHAMMO!"

Previous efforts

"Impeachment? Huh? What does that mean? Is it some kind of dessert?" - Graham Chandler

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