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A Few Red Poets

Red Poets at Blackwood

Red Poets is a loose collective of poets from the Left in Wales with different yet similar views, who co-operate and create. Under the co-editorship of Mike Jenkins and Marc Jones, an annual anthology has been produced for more than twenty years. Find out more from the Red Poets website, or its presence on Facebook.

Featured here are some of the poets who have featured in the anthologies. The selection does not try to pretend to be a 'representative sample'. This would be very difficult to achieve anyway. A large number of poets, well known and less well known, have appeared over the years. Who to pick? There is also an associated links page called Pinkolinks. You might (or might not!) find this to be of interest.

The featured poets are :

        Jazz with Giro City from issue 2.
        Herbert Williams with
Wales 2000 from issue 7.
        Chris Williams with
Respect from issue 8.
        Alan Perry with
Dai Razmus from issue 10.
        Phil Knight with
The Boyo Who Lost His Shape from issue 11.
        Raymond Humphreys with
Not the 'T'-word from issue 12.
        Mike Church with
A Prisoner's Speech to a Magistrate from issue 13.
        Phil Carradice with
Willie Brinn from issue 14.
        Mike Jenkins with
A Big Party from issue 17.
        Tim Richards with
Only from issue 18.

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