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Griffith's Last Letter

Old Smalls Lighthouse, off Pembrokeshire

The old Smalls Lighthouse. Drawn by Suki Humphreys.

Francis Lynch is the latest on the MUSIC section with an extract from his new (May, 2017) opera, FOR THOSE IN PERIL. The first American performance was held in February, 2018.The opera was inspired by a short story of my own, The First and Last Letter to His Wife. For this reason, Francis has  been kind enough to name me as his co-librettist. The story can be seen by clicking HERE. Scene 11 of the opera, one of several that uses verbatim extracts from the story, can be heard in rehearsal, featuring baritone Zachary Angus, can be heard by clicking the button below. You can also read the full score of this scene.  

For Those in Peril, 11 - Francis Lynch, Composer
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Fur Those in Peril - Opera Libretto
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