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Kolonn Sans Hwath

Mick Paynter

rag an Artydh Skows Brian O'Toole


                                       War dha dowl, O'Toole,
                                        o, ty dh'omdewlel
                                        gans el, splann es howl.
                                        Hag war dowl an el
                                        genes dh'omdewlel
                                        heb drog bys merwel.

          Na Nev, na Ifarn, po Purjyans ragos, nyns yw.
          Ytho, lymner, lemmyn, y lymnis lymnans, yth yw.....

          Ottena, omma….

                                        Pinta korev, wosa dha Soedh
                                        gans an Arloedh, hag y golonn ev
                                        war y vron y sev, a'th hesya'n arwoedh.

yn Sowsnek:

Another Sacred Heart

by Mick Paynter
For the Scouse Artist Brian O’Toole

                                        The plan was, O’Toole,
                                        for you to wrestle,
                                        with an angel bright as sun.
                                        And the angel’s plan
                                        with you harmlessly
                                        to wrestle’til death.

          Nor Heaven, nor Hell, or Purgatory, for you, there’s not.
          So, painter, now, a picture I did paint, it is.....

          See there, it’s here.....

                                        A pint of beer; when your Work’s clear,
                                        with the Good Lord, while his heart itself
                                        stands up on his breast, signifies your jest.

Another Sacred Heart - Mick Paynter
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