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Full details of publications during and after 2018, including information and availability, can be seen on the separate sections of the website accessible by clicking the cover images below.

The covers (only) of earlier books can be seen below these.

THE GREENLAND PARTY by Tom East is a 'whodunit'
The Gospel According to St Judas
Tommy's War: an unusual take on the prelude to WW1
A Fifties' Childhood - Tom East
The Eve of St Eligius - the first Eldritch Collection
Wish Man's Wood -the second Eldritch collection
Dimension Five: SF including the novella 'The Lowell Letters'
Scenes From Seasons (but not that sort of season)
The Charge of the Light Verse Brigade - not for Lord Alfred
Lyrics, Polemics & Polemics - yes, SONG lyrics

Publications before 2018 are not now generally available and are not detailed in full.

Reviews of Old Books by Tom East


Family Walks Around Swansea

[Scarthin Books of Cromford, Derbyshire], ISBN 0 907758 622

The Time Traveller [Prose from Wales, edited with Dr Petru Iamandi] 

Porto Franco, ISBN 973-557-471-3

Nietzshe's Children [Poetry] 

Geneze, ISBN 973-98639-1-4

Living Words [essays in literary biography] 

Porto Franco, ISBN 973-557-470-5

Passing Moments [prose, with others] 

KT Publications, ISBN 0 907759 92 0

The Lake [a collection of short fiction] 

KT Publications, ISBN 0907759 79 3

Checkpoint [a collection of speculative fiction]

European Institute, 978-973-611-459-5

However, extracts can still be found in various places around the website and reviews of many of them can be seen on the older reviews page.

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