Aurel Stancu

Aurel Stancu, Romanian writer, on the Benybont website

different dreams


                                     today I'm asked
                                     to befriend this city
                                     to accept the way it thinks
                                     suffers enjoys itself dies
                                     oh civilisation technology progress corruption
                                     at the same time in the same place
                                     poor me and poor it

                                     our relationship doesn't lack

                                     we are the caretaker and the animal in the cage
                                     identity's halts have a blurred outline
                                     and trainers often muddle feelings
                                     making spectators witnesses to error

                                     this city and I dream different dreams
                                     and neither of us dares to admit it

From Lectia de uliu (A hawk's lesson)

Translation by Petru Iamandi.