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Antique Poems Analysed

Antique Poems Analysed by Tom East and guests

     As the title suggests, this section takes out-of-copyright poems from earlier times and briefly 'analyses' them, in an informal way. You can also hear the poem being read, in the most part by the person analysing it.
     I am grateful to those named for their analyses, and for their readings, which you can read and hear by clicking the title of the poem below.

by that great poet Anon, analysed and read by Jim Bartlett. 

by William Wordsworth, analysed and read by Dominique Spearey

by Percy Bysshe Shelley, analysed and read by Tom East

by WH Auden, analysed and read by Chris Williams

by Gerard Manley Hopkins, analysed by Robert Nisbet and read by Chris Williams

Antique poems analysed and read
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