Antique Poems Analysed

     As the title suggests, this section takes out-of-copyright poems from earlier times and briefly 'analyses' them, in an informal way. You can also hear the poem being read, in the most part by the person analysing it.


     I am grateful to Jim Bartlett for reading and analysing The Bellringing, Dominique Spearey for reading and analysing Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, September 3rd, 1802, Bryn Fortey for analysing I said I splendidly loved you; it's not true, Chris Williams for analysing and reading The Second Coming, Pat Forster for reading and analysing Snowflakes, and Robert Nisbet analysing Spring and Autumn. Ozymandias is all my fault and I can't blame anybody else for this one. Thanks to Chris Williams for providing some of the other readings.