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Giro City

By Jazz (from Issue 2)

       Things ain't nice,

       and there's nothing pretty
       when you walk the streets of Giro City.
       "Jobs, what jobs?"
       Ain't they just myths;
       something the kids
       talk about when they're pissed!
       Leaving school to live
       in a council hole;
       my girlfriend's pregnant,
       and I'm still on the dole.
       Things ain't nice,
       in fact they're shitty,
       when you walk down the streets
       of Giro City.
       "Government, what Government?"
       It doesn't make sense.
       With all this unemployment,
       they're only looking after
       Dogs, cats, kids, it's a pity.
       Have you seen the slums of
       Giro City?
       Working men on the slagheap
       of time.
       Victims of society, yours and mine.
       They don't survive, they just exist;
       somehow they've found the strength to resist.
       All the thoughts of suicide that plague
       their minds.
       And the lies that tomorrow will bring
       better times.
       There's only one day in the week, and it's a pity.
       We spend it waiting for the postman in Giro City.

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