Carole Baldock

Carole Baldock: Editor of Orbis

The Idiot Lantern

                                                                Jumpin' Jack Flash!

                                                                Snaps his fingers
                                                                as the music crashes into life,
                                                                takes him over, body and soul.

                                                                King of the jungle,
                                                                he stalks the stage,
                                                                pouncing and pounding,
                                                                struts his stuff.

                                                                Every man wants to be him,
                                                                Every woman wants to be his.

                                                                The audience applauds,
                                                                ear ringing cheers.
                                                                He stops, sweating, breathless,
                                                                stands dazzled in the limelight.

                                                                Jack the lad
                                                                in shiny shellsuit bottoms,
                                                                ballooning T shirt -
                                                                as the hypnotist clicks his fingers.